Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vegan monthly?

I know, I know, it's been too long! And I don't have too much of an excuse, except that I've been taking an online class, but it just ended this weekend (and I aced it). So here I am...

Desserts have been on my mind lately. I had a last minute potluck lunch meeting I had to prepare for (OK, it wasn't last minute, but I remembered last minute), and I recalled reading in my favorite magazine, Veg News (more on that another time), that Duncan Hines cake mix and some of their frostings are vegan. A quick trip to Vons confirmed this (do read the ingredients as I'm not sure if all the cake mixes are vegan and for sure, not all of the frostings are). So, armed with my cake mix and frosting, I was able to make pretty yummy cupcakes very easily merely by substituting Ener-G egg replacer for the eggs.

Recently we went to Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy for a friend's birthday. Now, I wasn't expecting much as it's not a vegan bakery (my favorite is Stephanie's Bakery in OB), but I thought such a large fancy dessert place would probably have one vegan dessert option. Not true! When I asked, I was curtly told "No, sometimes we have a cookie or something but nothing today." Rather disappointing for a place with such a large selection. There was one sandwich on the lunch menu that appeared to be vegan if you got it without the aoli, but I didn't try it. However, Heaven Sent Desserts in North Park always has at least one vegan option even though they're a traditional bakery, so I recommend them if you're the only vegan in the group.

I keep hearing about new vegan pizza places (or pizza places with vegan options) opening up, but haven't had the chance to try any. However, an old local favorite, Luigi's in Golden Hill, has a great vegan pizza on the menu. Rather than using vegan cheese, he just opts to leave the cheese off altogether, and you really don't miss it with all the yummy veggies and the great crust. Luigi is a super sweet animal lover himself, who I always see at dog park with his two canine companions.

Well, until next time, adios and happy almost spring!